Amanda Waram

Executive Director and Competitive Head Coach

H.B.S.c., LL.B.
NCCP Level 3 Women's Artistic, Level 2 Trampoline

Amanda has been coaching athletes in the sport of gymnastics since 1995. She began gymnastics at 4 years of age at the Sudbury Laurels Gymnastics Club where she competed for many years. This is where her passion for the sport began and she is now very proud to be able to offer a safe and elite venue where the next generation of athletes can explore this exciting sport and make their own dreams a reality.

Amanda specialized in Psychology at the University of Toronto focusing on child development and cognition which provides her with a great deal of insight to the different learning stages and varying cognitive abilities of children. Following this degree, Amanda completed a Bachelor of Laws at Osgoode Hall Law School. Her love of gymnastics and enjoyment of working with children, however, kept her out of the legal field!

Amanda currently coaches Provincial and National athletes but oversees the progress of all pre-competitive and competitive girls in the gym. Her athletes have had great success including a perfect 10.0 on Beam at Provincial Championships. These successes also include many Provincial All around Champions, Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor provincial Champions, Eastern Canadian All around and Bars Champions, and many athletes have taken the all around Gold at the International Gymnix competition, as well as at competitions in various countries like Florida and Barbados.

Amanda believes that the strength of a coach lies in their ability to continue to learn and seek self improvement and encourages her team of coaches to learn from one another.

Michael Outram

Competitive Coach

Level 4 Women's Artistic, Level 4 Men's Artistic, Level 3 Trampoline

Coach Mike, has such an extensive experience it is difficult to summarize. With 35 years coaching experience, he is a Level 4 women's and men's gym coach (there are only a handful of level 4 coaches in Canada!), and Level 3 trampoline coach. He is a certified NCCP course conductor in Men's, Women's and Trampoline (meaning he has trained other coaches to become coaches). Mike has owned his own gym in the USA, and he has acted as head coach and manager at various gyms. He has overseen the management of several provincial teams and three US Olympians. Mike coached Olympic Gymnast and gold medalist at Common Wealth Games for National Championship, Janet Morin. He has coached national level tumbling, has coached dancers on the Canadian World Team and National Level Divers as he also has his diving certifications. In Canada Mike spent many years in Windsor, but from '97-99 he was the area co-coordinator for the Kingswood facility, where he oversaw the development of the men's team that Canada sent to the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Mike Attended World Championships for Gymnastics in 1985 (Montreal) and 1987 (Rotterdam). He Coached five Cirque de Soleil cast members, an athlete at the Indo Pacific Championships for Silver Medal in tumbling – 2006, Women and Tumbling at the Ontario Winter Games – 2004 and 2006, athletes at INDO Pacific Games – 2004 and 2006. He coached an athlete at the Indo Pacific Championships for Bronze Medal in tumbling – 2004, Coach of Bronze Medalist at Pan American Games – 1996. This is just a sample of what his resume boasts.

After an accident in 2010, Mike was told he would never walk again. Coach Mike defied all odds and surprised his doctors by doing more than that and returning to coaching. His will and determination to get mobile again, combined with his many years of being an athlete and convincing his body through the power of the mind that it could accomplish something lead to what many call a miracle recovery. Mike brings to our team such a vast array of knowledge and expertise, an incredible positive and optimistic attitude and first hand proof that anything you set your mind to, you can achieve.

Adrian Molina

Provincial and Pre-national Competitive Coach

Level 2 Women's Artistic, WAG Competition 2 (Former Level 3), Level 3 Trampoline Technical

Adrian grew up playing soccer in the fields of Argentina! His passion for gymnastics came later in life as a coach to young children. Adrian has endless energy and a joy of coaching that is unmatched making him a great coach with any program in the gym! He has been coaching our competitive athletes for the past 10 years with Amanda and has contributed to all the noteworthy acheivements above. Adrian is always around to provide extra attention to the athletes through the form of video analysis and extra spotting and helps to ensure that our athletes have fun while learning and succeeding too!

Jigme Lhamo Tsering

Provincial Coach

Level 2 Women's Artistic, WAG Competition 2 (Former level 3), Level 3 Trampoline

Jigme is a former T-Dot competitive gymnast and trampolinist who herself qualified to Team Ontario and Eastern Canadians several times. She brings the strong work ethic she learned as a competitive athlete to her coaching and has high expectations of her athletes. Jigme has been coaching developmental or competitive athletes with team T-Dot for 4 years now.

Amanada Ierullo

Trampoline Head Coach

Level 2 Women's Artistic, Level 3 Trampoline

Amanda, a former Canadian National Trampoline Champion, has been leading our Trampoline program to much sucess for the past few years.
During the 2016 competition season she produced a Provincial Champion and had two athletes qualify to Eastern Canadians where a Team Silver medal was earned. Every year since then athletes have consistently qualified to Eastern Canadians including all but one in the most recent season which was then cut short due to the pandemic.